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Your Choice of Timber

fsc-logoHere at Traditional Timber Windows we manufacture from a wide and diverse range of timber. Choosing the correct specification of timber is essential for the long term durability of any wooden window or door and as such we use only specially selected high quality certified sustainably sourced timber.

Below is a brief overview of the types most commonly used in the manufacture of wooden windows & doors and more often than not the choice is determined by personnel preference.

If you’ve any particular concerns regarding the type of timber most suitable for your home or a particular preference that’s not detailed below then please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your decision.

Engineered Timber – Our Recomendation

Engineered timber’s the latest technology for architectural structures.

The timber is composed of several layers of wood glued, compressed and laminated together. By doing this, a single structural member can be made with none of the disadvantages associated with solid timber (such as knots, weak points, and increased expense). These technological advances have brought the suitability, performance and longevity of wooden sashes, casements and doors into the 21st Century.

Why Use Engineered Timber?

  • The layers are glued in alternating grains which significantly minimises excessive shrinkage and settling. This is in contrast to standard, untreated timber which naturally expands and contracts in different environments.
  • Stronger, longer lasting and better in appearance because all defects are removed.
  • Capability to be produced in large cross-sections; there is no need to use thick, aged trees which are rare and expensive.
  • The timber structure can be made up of the same strength grade throughout, or may incorporate higher grade material in the upper and lower layers where stress concentrations are higher.
  • Up to 25% less waste than with standard timber.
  • Lengths, widths and depths are virtually unlimited.

This results in a product with all of the advantages that timber brings, with none of the traditional disadvantages!


Sapele is often marketed as a type of African Mahogany.  In some ways this is true as Sapele is in the Mahogany family, Meliceae, and like Mahogany Sepele an outstanding exterior grade hardwood with a rich reddish-brown colour.  Sapele is most often used as a window and door material because it’s very stable and almost completely rot and weather resistant.  The grain and pore structure is also tighter than Genuine Mahogany so Sapele serves as a great substrate for painted surfaces.  The interlocking grain pattern aligns to form beautiful ribbon striping that is often seen in door panels and plywood veneer.


European White Oak is an outstanding domestic hardwood that is widely available and relatively affordable. It is very strong and stable with a straight and consistent grain. This feature makes White Oak very versatile and easy to match which is why it’s so popular for the production of high quality furniture and cabinets. It’s unique cellular structure makes the wood highly water resistant and an ideal species for windows & doors, it also finishes beautifully whether stained or painted.


If you’re after the ultimate in durability and low maintenance then there’s only one choice.. Accoya®

accoya correctAccoya® wood is the result of decades of research and development that has brought together a long established, extensively proven wood modification technique and leading edge patented technology, acetylation, to create the ultimate high performance wood.

Accoya® is the world’s leading high technology long life wood. Read More

High Quality

We use only the highest quality hardware and fittings for our bi-fold doors to ensure years of trouble free service.

The operating hardware is supplied by ROTO, a Swiss company with an enviable reputation for quality and durability.

Optional Aluminium Cladding

If you’re after the ultimate in low maintenance timber windows then why not consider our Aluclad option

The aluminium clad exterior provides a modern low maintenance exterior in a colour of your choice in combination with the natural beauty and warmth that only timber can offer

Optional across our entire casement window range and also available on many of our entrance and patio doors

High Quality
Microporous Finish

We offer a range of high quality microporous finishes especially designed for windows & doors

This is a multi layer process that consists of an anti-fungal solution, base coat, undercoat, and finally, a top coat of your choosing

Guaranteed to keep your windows and doors looking beautiful for many years to come

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Glazing Options

We offer glazing in both double and triple unit configuration which can be customised to meet specific needs

Options include fitments that reduce both heat and noise and self cleaning coatings, ideal for areas where restricted access makes cleaning near impossible

Sun Protection
Self Cleaning
Sound Reduction
Safety Glass
Privacy Glass

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High Quality

As standard our contemporary windows & doors come with high quality Swiss made Roto hardware & fittings, recognised for excellent durability.

However, should you have a particular preference or style in mind or simply want a match for your existing hardware, we offer a huge range of alternatives.

High Quality

Our windows & doors are manufactured from a range of high quality sustainably sourced timber, for the majority of installations we recommend slow grown engineered Scandinavian Spruce as it’s incredibly stable, durable and economic.

We also offer a range of hardwoods and are approved to manufacture form Accoya, the worlds leading long life timber.

Scandinavian Spruce

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